1. Fishing permit
    The general Dutch fishing permit (vispas) is not valid on our private lake. All our packages include a fishing permit for the duration of your stay.
  2. Number of rods
    The maximum number of rods is 3.
  3. Baitboats
    Baitboats are allowed.

  4. Night fishing

    Back lead

    During night hours the use of back lead is mandatory.


    Each swim has it’s own sector of the lake, fishing is only allowed within your own sector.

    Open fire & BBQ

    Open fire is prohibited! Cooking on a small stove is allowed.

    Night sailing

    Night sailing is not allowed, exept for landing fish and putting lines back in.

  5. Baits

    The use of tigernuts and peanuts is prohibited!

  6. Sailing
    Sailing with the weather cover unfolded is prohibited!
  7. Cathes
    • We have a strickt catch and release pollicy! Catches can be sacked for a short period of time, but only in floating slings.
    • U kunt uw vangsten bijschrijven in het vangstenboek van het Plashuis.
    • All fish remains property of Het Plashuis!
  8. Remaining
    • Fishing unattendend is prohibited
    • Fishing behind lelies and cane is prohibited
    • Het Plashuis is not responsible for lost, forgotten or stollen items.
    • Dammaging our property or items will be charged
    • Our lake is in a nature reserve, the use of radio’s is prohibited, electronic bait alarms should be on low volume
    • In case of any irregularity the management of Het Plashuis has the last saying.
    • At the end of your stay, swims and boats must be cleaned before leaving our property.
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