Het Plashuis

THE HISTORY OF PLASHUIS It was started by a group of Dutch business Men in the 1930, they purchased the lake and land of which had a large house on it (This now the Hotel). These men decided to create a exclusive fishing club which was not open to the public, at this point they put a lot of carp into the Lake, and they carried on like this until 1970 when the cost of the up keep go to expensive. It was then opened for Day Fishing by the public, but to keep it special they kept the same traditions.   To fish the Plashuis you would have to reserve a place for dinner then you could fish. The price was set so that only a certain type of fisher purchased day fishing. In the 1980 the house was turned into a Hotel, this was so that Anglers could stay overnight and at the weekends. Record books are kept in the bar area which record the entire daily catches and these books go back to the fifty’s. Night fishing has never been allowed at Plashuis, the hours that anglers could fish was from one hour before Dawn until one Hour after sunset.

This Rule has stood until this year (2004) when a Licence was issued from the Local Authority’s granting the Plashuis permission to allow Night fishing. Plashuis is set in Rural Holland but is only about 20 Mins from the motorway. The grounds that the Hotel stands is lined with trees and rushes and it has lawns and flower beds along with channels full with water Lily’s . The hotel is a traditional Dutch building with a Large Main Room which is the Restaurant and Lounge Bar. This room is wood panelled and has Photos on the wall going back to the fifty’s. Fishing at Plashuis will be total different to anything  that you have done before as this a real piece of Luxury Fishing, a chance to catch a Big Common, along with Good Food and a Friendly Atmosphere in the Bar.

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